Their salary will rise faster than public sector workers.
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MPs have today been granted a pay increase to £76,000.

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority - or Ipsa - approved the salary boost on Friday. It will take effect on 1 April.

MPs will see their pay rise by 1.4%, taking them from earning £74,962 to £76,011.

Ipsa said the move was “in line with our determination on MPs’ pay” and that the rise mirrored the same increase public sector workers earned.

The average public sector earnings figure is taken from an ONS index which calculates average take-home pay, including money earned through promotions and bonuses.

Public sector salaries, though, are capped at 1% until 2019 - a measure introduced by the former Chancellor George Osborne.

MPs received a substantial pay-rise back in May 2015, when they saw their pay rise by almost £7,000.

The move was condemned by many MPs, while 25 even donated the extra cash to charity.



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