10/01/2017 11:02 GMT

Mrs Brown Lands New Saturday Night Entertainment Show After Success Of Sitcom

It's going to be love it or hate it TV.

Marmite sitcom character Mrs Brown is flinging the doors to her home open as she hosts a new Saturday night entertainment show, ‘All Round To Mrs Brown’s’.

The BBC has commissioned a new series which will see Agnes Brown and other ‘Mrs Brown’s Boys’ favourites welcome a host of celebrity guests as they make mischief and pull stunts in front of a live studio audience. 

Mrs Brown has landed her own Saturday night show

The man behind Mrs Brown - creator Brendan O’Carroll - said in a statement: “The entire cast is excited by this. I think Agnes may be worried that she’ll need a bigger kettle to make tea for everyone that’s coming round!”

The series is co-production between Brendan’s company BocPix and Holly Willoughby’s husband Dan Baldwin. 

Brendan added: “I have been waiting some time to work with Dan Baldwin and Hungry Bear. It is so exciting now to team up for this.

“Similarly, one of the things that everyone at BocPix enjoys about working with the BBC is that we are always given the encouragement to explore new ideas - like we did with the live episode of ‘Mrs Browns Boys’ in July.”

Artur Widak/PA Archive
Brendan O'Carroll is the man behind Mrs Brown

‘Mrs Brown’s Boys’ first began as a radio play, before making the jump to live theatre and eventually a TV sitcom in 2011.

Since then, it’s been one of the BBC’s highest-rated shows, and spawned a film, ‘Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie’ in 2014, though plans for a sequel were reportedly shelved.

Last August, it topped a Radio Times poll to find the best comedy of the century, much to the annoyance of some.

Brendan said of its win at the time: It vindicates the fans’ belief in the show. They have kept us on the air – it certainly wasn’t the reviewers.

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