M&S Has Launched A Prosecco Easter Egg, And We Think We're In Love

A 'Proseggo', if you will.

There was once a time that Easter eggs were the reserve of people under the age of around 10 – by your teenage years, you were expected to hang up your Cadbury’s packaging and call it a day. But, no more – up-market Easter eggs are on the rise, and don’t seem to be going away any time soon.

In one glorious, luxurious move, M&S has confirmed our suspicions in time for this year’s celebration of new life. The supermarket is offering us a new creation – the ‘Proseggo’, which is, you guessed it an easter egg, infused with a tinge of Prosecco.

It will come as part of M&S’ Irresistible collection, which ups the stakes on how fancy you can humanly make any Easter Sunday.

Marks and Spencer

The chocolate treat, with hints of raspberry and blackcurrant, will cost you a fiver, which isn’t too bad considering the high street chain has charged up to £15 for luxury painted easter eggs in the past. We have limits, and thankfully the still-beautiful Proseggo respects this.

It also probably won’t leave you tipsy. So if bubbly is your drink of choice, there’s no reason why you can’t live the life of your bougie dreams throughout the Easter period.

M&S’ Irresistible Collection will stock the Proseggo soon.