Mum And Dad's Tame-Looking Halloween Costume Is Actually Really Naughty

Excellent effort 😂👌

A woman has shared her parents’ attempt to be filthy with their Halloween costumes - and it’s truly made us laugh.

At a first glance, the couple’s Halloween costumes look desperately tame - the dad looks like a massive gherkin while the mum resembles the friendly lion from The Wizard Of Oz.

But in reality, their costumes combined create something rather naughty.

A hilarious photo of the couple was shared on Twitter by their daughter Brooke Bogin, who wrote: “Mom and Dad before their Halloween party. He’s a dill pickle. She’s a female deer.

“Together they’re a ‘dill-doe’. And also my heroes.” Oh you guys!

Understandably, the amusing snap has been shared more than 26,000 times.