Mum Hits Back At Strangers Who Criticised Her Daughter's Unicorn Hair


A mum has hit back at strangers who have criticised her choice to temporarily colour her daughter’s hair.

Mary Thomaston, a hairstylist from Florida, has shared pictures of her six-year-old daughter on Instagram after she gave her a unicorn-inspired look.

My very own baby unicorn🦄

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Lyra, who is at primary school, had been begging her mum to let her copy her coloured hair for ages, Thomaston explained: “I told her if the school gives us permission then I’ll do it, and they allowed it.”

The mother used non-toxic temporary dyes to achieve the unicorn colour: “Her hair is already really light so all I had to do was add the temporary color. I tried to talk her out of the shaved side because I thought she might regret it once it was done but boy was I wrong. She was so excited.”

After the transformation Thomaston shared the pictures of Lyra on Instagram, but instantly faced criticism from other parents.

Now Thomaston has decided to fight back, and answer her critics who say that she is damaging her daughter or imposing her own tastes on the young girl: “She’s been wanting this done for awhile now. All her own ideas.”

“Don’t worry folks it’ll wash out. She wasn’t harmed in the process. Just putting that out there since some people seem to be having a hard time with me coloring my child’s hair. It’s hair and it’ll grow back!”

Thomaston also told The Luxury Spot: “While I’m not one of those mums who gives into her child’s every wish, I will reward my child for being a great kid. This is something she really wanted, and I knew it was safe so I figured why not?”

She has been supported by fellow parenting blogger, Scary Mommy, who says that there is no better time than childhood to experiment: “Mom did a great job, Lyra looks like a million dollars.”