Mum-Of-Four Transforms Husband's Shirts Into Beautiful Dresses For Her Daughters

'Sewing helped break my postpartum.'

A mum has blown us all away with the gorgeous dresses she makes for her daughters out of her husband’s shirts.

Stephanie Miller, 27, from Utah, US, showcases her creations on her Instagram account ‘MotherMakesx4’ and they’ve gone down pretty well.

Miller, who said she’s always been creative at heart, started sewing after giving birth to her first child. She made a simple stuffed animal to begin with.

“That little stuffed bird was a sewing mess, but when I was done, I felt so satisfied,” she told Babble. “Sewing helped break my postpartum and honestly made me happy.”

Miller’s creations look completely different to the plain shirts her husband gives her. She uses frills, dye and alternative cuts to transform the clothes.

“I’ve loved transforming men’s dress shirts into dresses for my girls,” Miller wrote on one of the photos.

“It is a faster way to finish a project because the buttons and hemming are already done on the shirt. Also, fitting clothes on little kids is so much easier than on myself.

“The girls love their dresses and don’t want to take them off to sleep which makes my tired mama heart swell.”

Speaking to HuffPost UK, Miller said: “I believe it is important for kids to see their parents be passionate and follow their dreams. I decided two years ago that I wouldn’t start a business for my art until my kids were all in school.

“I wanted to document what I was making so someday my kids could see a history of all the things I create, that’s when I started my Instagram account.

“Documenting my work has helped me focus on the projects I really enjoy and start to see themes throughout my work and style. I feel like I’ve become more confident and learned so much and I can see my slow growth on my Instagram.”

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