The Emotional Moment Mum Hears Late Son's Heart Beating In Donor Recipient's Chest

'It’s so peaceful.'

On the fourth anniversary of her son’s tragic death, Dawn Grace heard his heart beating inside another’s chest.

Dawn’s son, Calen, died tragically in 2012 aged just 14, after he accidentally shot himself with a gun which he thought was broken.

At the time, Dawn was faced with the difficult decision of whether to donate his organs or not.

Her final decision helped change Joe Hansen’s life.

Dawn said originally she had no intention of donating her son’s organs, in fact she felt “angry” when she was asked the question. But when her son “came to her in a vision” and told her what to do, she changed her mind.

Exactly four years after her son’s death, Dawn was able to meet the man who had received her son’s heart and listen to his heart beat.

Hearing it through a stethoscope, she said: “It’s so peaceful.”

Meanwhile Joe, who keeps a picture of Calen in his wallet as a reminder of the person who saved him, said of his health since the transplant: “This is the best I’ve felt all my life.”