24/05/2017 11:27 BST

Mum 'Emotionally Gutted' When Someone Announced Her Pregnancy On Facebook Before She Had

'I was also incredibly nervous. We weren’t ready yet.'

A mum has written about how she was “emotionally gutted’ when she found out someone had announced her pregnancy for her on Facebook. 

Kirsty McKenzie, from Australia, reflected on the incident that occurred during a previous pregnancy, (she is currently expecting her third child).

McKenzie and her husband had been trying for a baby for a year and were extremely excited to tell their family when they found out they were expecting. 

They weren’t in a rush to make a “social media announcement” and wanted to wait until their 20-week scan.

But one day she logged onto Facebook and found that “someone” had posted about her pregnancy.

Writing in a blog on Mamamia, McKenzie wrote: “I was not only emotionally gutted, I was also incredibly nervous. We weren’t ready yet.

“The pregnancy still didn’t seem ‘solid’ enough yet. It was too early. What happened if I miscarried? I wasn’t prepared to make that additional announcement down the track.”


Mckenzie was then inundated with messages of congratulations, even though some of her friends were disappointed they found out from someone else. 

This wasn’t the only time McKenzie had the joy sharing her news stolen from her. After she . gave birth her new arrival was announced by “not one, but two separate people” before they’d had a chance to do their own announcement.

Read McKenzie’s full post here

Commenting on the blog, one person in a similar situation wrote: “My husband’s aunt announced the gender and name of our daughter - from the UK (we are in Sydney) - on Facebook while I was still recovering from the drugs of having a c-section. There’s a moment in time we’ll never get back again.”

Another wrote: “It’s so disappointing that people can’t use common sense for something like this. When it comes to big stuff - babies, engagements etc, it’s best to wait until the people themselves have posted something.

“It doesn’t take much effort to be a bit thoughtful about it.”

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