'I'm Having A Bunny': Mum-To-Be Spots Unexpected Silhouette At First Ultrasound Scan

'I'm so hoppy for you.'

You can read all the baby books you want, but little will prepare you for heading to your first ultrasound scan and discovering you’re expecting a beautiful baby rabbit.

That’s what happened to one mother-to-be, after she saw a familiar silhouette on the screen.

The mum uploaded the hilarious scan to Imgur and Reddit with the caption: “Went for my first ultrasound today…turns out I’m having a bunny.”

“You do realise the expression ‘At it like rabbits’ is not supposed to be taken literally,” wrote one user.

“I’m so hoppy for you,” wrote another.

One parent had a similar experience: “My wife’s first ultrasound indicated she was preggo with a lima bean. Turned out to be an awesome little boy.”

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