Mum Finds Out She's A Size 18-24 Months In Primark After Trying On Her Kid's Babygrow

We know sizing can sometimes be off, but... really?

We all know that the sizing in some high-street stores is, well, questionable. But we never thought we’d drop as many dresses as this mum.

Steph Hall, 20, was wrapping her toddler daughter’s birthday presents up when she realised how big one of the outfits looked – a yellow all-in-one bodysuit.

Rather than ignore the thought, she decided to test it out and tried on the outfit. “So, it turns out I’m now a size 18-24 months in Primark clothes at the age of 20,” she joked on Facebook, with a photo of her wearing it.

“At least you can share clothes, how cute!” wrote one of the 8,000 people to comment on Hall’s post on Facebook in less than 24 hours – its 3,000 shares suggested some people had faced similar issues.

“I bought my daughter the same one, it’s huge on her, might fit her when’s she like 10,” a mum joked.

Another wrote: “My daughter is two and she’s in a 9-12 month one of these.”

Whether it’s down to the stretchy material, or a bit of a blip in sizing, we still think the fact Hall and her daughter can wear the same outfit is pretty brilliant.

Out of curiosity, HuffPost UK contacted Primark for a comment on the unusual sizing. A spokesperson told us: “This long leg jumpsuit for toddlers is made from extra stretchy material for a relaxed and comfy fit. It is part of the wider ‘mini-me’ jumpsuit trend so customers can get their hands on similar styles across departments without having to squeeze into the toddler’s version.

“Consistency of fit is extremely important to Primark and our measurements are comfortably in line with Size UK Data. We run a robust quality assurance process which reviews the fit and fabric suitability of garments.”