10/08/2017 11:39 BST

Mum Shares 'Weird Pregnancy Problem' She Has Had Since Decorating Her House, Women Can Relate

'I have no idea what is wrong with me.'

A mum has shared a “weird” pregnancy problem she is experiencing and it’s very unusual.

Reddit user bimbochampagne is eight to nine weeks pregnant and moved into a house with her husband one month ago.

She said she had planned the decor of the new house in detail, then decorated it when they moved in, as it is one of her passions.

“Well, a month later, all I want is white walls,” she wrote on Reddit on Wednesday 9 August.

“I have a strong aversion to decorating. I want nothing on the walls at all.”

The Reddit user continued: “I want no decor. I’ve removed everything I put up, which is a lot. I rolled up all the rugs.

“I went shopping with my mum today to buy some door mats, and the second I picked one up I wanted to puke. I have no idea what is wrong with me.

“It’s sort of hilarious in a weird way. Every day my husband comes home and I’ve taken something else off the walls or put a decor piece away because I didn’t want to look at it.

“Has anyone else had something similar happen to them?”

Apparently the Reddit user is not alone in her pregnancy “problem”. 

“I took apart a gigantic wooden bunkbed solo during the second trimester,” one woman wrote. “Husband was pissed that I exerted myself like that but he was too slow.”

Another commented: “This happened to me early in my pregnancy too. My husband was gone one Saturday during the second trimester and came home to everything in the living room, dinning and kitchen off the walls and furniture in the middle of each room and primer on the walls. I think it freaked him out.”

And another mum wrote: “I get you. I haven’t done this but feel somewhat the same way.

“I’m having the urge to just get rid of everything unnecessary in our house (which is a lot), including decor. I haven’t yet because I’ve been so exhausted but if I get an energy boost soon this house will be a lot emptier.”

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