7 Must-Have Tools For When You Move Into Your New Home

We trawled through Amazon, so you don't have to.

Moving house is not fun. In fact, one survey found it to be more stressful than a break-up, new job and a divorce. And this stress will be even worse if you haven’t got the right tools to get the job done – take it from someone who knows.

So what should be in your moving day toolkit? We’ve trawled Amazon to find the essentials – pack the following into a box and have it to hand at all times. You’ll need it.


Heavy Duty All Purpose Scissors, Amazon, £11

When it comes to unpacking a shed load of boxes, you’ll need a decent pair of scissors to cut through sellotape and ties. Otherwise it’ll take you about five years to open the boxes, let alone unpack. Eugh.


Stanley Tape Measure, Amazon, £5.50

A tape measure will help you figure out whether it’s possible to fit certain large pieces of furniture through doorframes and up staircases (you don’t want a ‘pivot’ moment à la Ross from Friends). It’s also useful if you’re planning on buying new furniture – it’ll be the best fiver you ever spent.


Screwdriver Set, Amazon, £16.99

When dismantling and rebuilding furniture, a screwdriver set will become your new best friend. Plus, Stanley is a trusted brand among tradespeople, so this set will serve you well for years to come.


Hex Key Set, Amazon, £3.45

Sometimes screwdrivers don’t cut the mustard, which is where Allen keys – or hex keys – come in. These bad boys are often the only tool needed for flatpack furniture items (especially ones bought from Ikea).

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Handheld Vacuum Cleaner, Amazon, £24.99

Hopefully you’ll move into a clean home, but there’s a chance there’ll be a few bits of dirt left behind. Snap these up with this cordless, handheld vacuum cleaner, which has 20-minutes of run time.


E-Cloths, Amazon, £12.99

These are an environmentally friendly alternative to using cleaning wipes. There’s a cloth for the kitchen, bathroom, windows, a general purpose one and a polishing cloth for a streak-free finish. After a few uses, throw them in the washing machine and start again.


Chances are you’re going to need a hammer when you move – to put up your photo frames, build a shed, or for something a little more obscure like hammering half your draining board so it drains properly into the kitchen sink.

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