14/11/2016 13:27 GMT

'My Mother And Other Strangers' Star Aaron Staton Reveals All About On-Screen Love Triangle

Aaron previously starred as Ken Cosgrove in 8 seasons of 'Mad Men'.

Aaron Staton may play one third of the bubbling love triangle in ‘My Mother and Other Strangers’, but the American actor confides that, in real life, he’s crossing his fingers for the other two to work it out.

“I’m rooting for Rose and Michael,” the former ‘Mad Men’ star tells HuffPostUK. “They have three kids, and they’re happy.”

Of course, it wouldn’t be Sunday night primetime drama without a spoke in the wheel of that union, and that comes in the form of Aaron’s character Captain Ronald Dreyfuss.

A potential love triangle is at the heart of 'My Mother and Other Strangers'

The show, which debuted on BBC One last night, follows the community of fictional village of Moybeg in Northern Ireland, disrupted by the outbreak of World War II, the installation of a US airbase, with its dashing pilots, their jets, Jeeps and jackets.

At the heart of the tale, Michael Coyne (Owen McDonnell) is disturbed when his daughter is courted by a young airman, but that’s nothing compared with the potential disruption to his household, when his wife Rose (Hattie Morahan) finds she has more in common with dashing Captain Dreyfuss than she does with many of her adopted townsfolk.

Captain Dreyfuss and Rose find they have much in common after their first idyllic encounter

The pair first meet in the lush settings of a waterside encounter and Aaron tells HuffPostUK he was as taken by the Irish backdrop as his screen alter ego.

“I moved there to film with my wife, and we found ourselves in pubs, country walks, the Giant Causeway,” he beams. “It was beyond stunning, and if there’s any way Captain Dreyfuss has more story to tell in Series 2, I’ll be there.”

‘My Mother And Other Strangers’ continues on BBC One on Sunday evenings. You can catch up with Episode 1 on BBCiPlayer.