09/02/2021 12:29 GMT

My Mum Tracy Beaker Clip Has Grown-Up Fans Ready To Flock Back To CBBC For Reboot

"I didn’t expect to be watching CBBC at 27 in a global pandemic, but here we are."

A new teaser for the Tracy Beaker reboot has been shared online, and it’s got fans of the original series seriously excited to revisit the character over on CBBC.

On Tuesday, Dani Harmer, who played Tracy in various TV adaptations of Jacqueline Wilson’s classic children’s books, tweeted out a scene from the new series, My Mum Tracy Beaker.

In the 30-second teaser, Tracy – now a mum herself, as the title suggests – comes face-to-face with her old arch nemesis from her Dumping Ground days, Justine Littlewood.

Shortly after the clip was posted, “Tracy Beaker”, “CBBC” and “Justine” were all trending on Twitter.

Despite My Mum Tracy Beaker being billed as a children’s show, and airing on its original home of CBBC, fans of the original series – including those now in their twenties and thirties – have made it clear they won’t be letting that stand in their way when Friday afternoon rolls around:  

The three-part series My Mum Tracy Beaker will air on the CBBC channel on Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoon at 5pm, and will also be available to watch on the BBC iPlayer.

As well as Dami Harmer, Montanna Thompson is also returning to play Justine Littlewood, as seen in the above clip.

Lisa Coleman will also be back to play Tracy’s foster mum Cam (now known as Granny Cam), while viewers can look forward to appearances from other cast members from back in the day too.