Nadine Coyle Confirms Talks For 'Derry Girls' Role

We're lurred by this news.

Nadine Coyle has confirmed she is entering talks to appear in the next series of hit sitcom ‘Derry Girls’.

The former Girls Aloud star had been linked to the Channel 4 show after confessing she was a big fan, having been brought up in the Irish city.

Nadine was quizzed on the rumours when she appeared on an episode of ‘BUILD’, revealing she is set to meet with writer, Lisa McGee.

Nadine Coyle
Nadine Coyle
Joe Maher via Getty Images

“Yes potentially, that is something that could happen,” she said of appearing on the show.

“It’s just finding something that can work, that will fit in to how great the rest of the show is.”

She continued: “The writer, who I’m meeting with went to the same Catholic grammar school as I went to when I was growing up.

“We had a sister nun as a principle, and if you did anything wrong, you were called into her office regularly at get a dressing down.”

The cast of 'Derry Girls'
The cast of 'Derry Girls'
Channel 4

Nadine also admitted she was “flattered” to hear actress Nicola Coughlan, who plays Clare Devlin, studied her accent to prepare for the role, but hopes she doesn’t speak quite as the character does.

“Every time I watch her, I’m going, ‘I don’t talk like that!’,” she joked. “She could have called so we can fix that up a wee bit.

“None of the girls are actually from Derry and it’s not an easy accent to master, and they’re doing a really great job.”

Nadine made an appearance on 'BUILD'
Nadine made an appearance on 'BUILD'
Joe Maher via Getty Images

The singer also revealed she has considered a move into acting in the past, but was only offered parts she didn’t feel comfortable with.

“I would much prefer to do comedy than other stuff,” she said.

“I don’t know what it is, but when you’re a girl, the roles I have been offered are more seductress. or to get me with hardly any clothes on, but have have gone on to become really great films. I just can’t bring myself to do it - what if mammy and daddy are watching? I’d just have to fall off the face of the earth.”

During the interview with HuffPost UK’s Matt Bagwell, Nadine also discussed her new single ‘Girl On Fire’, as well as her upcoming tour, which will see her perform some of Girls Aloud’s classic hits.

Watch the full interview with Nadine in the video below...

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