This Could Be The Name Of The First City On Mars

Should someone ask Matt Damon?

Colonising Mars is something all sci-fi fans dream of - making our home on the red planet and taking our first steps into inhabiting places beyond Earth.

We know NASA are doing their best to make it happen, but while we’re waiting around to catch our interplanetary flight, we’ve started pondering the more important questions.

Namely, what are we going to call the place?

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Reddit user ShibaHook posed the question: “What should the first city on Mars be called?” and the answers prove that we aren’t the only ones thinking about this important matter.


“I’d personally name it Florida (or Limbo) because initially people will just be going there to die over and over until everything is perfected.”


“The cities would then be named after the rovers. You would have the twin cities of Spirit and Opportunity, the great city Curiosity with the best science labs in the solar system and so on and so forth. It would be a fitting tribute to our first ventures on Mars and they would make some great names.”


“Jupiter, just to piss people off.”

Ares City

“This would depend where on Mars it was built, but I like this one; it gives the chance to name more cities up there on Greek/roman gods. My vote is for “Ares City, Mars” become a tourist hotspot!”

KFC Habitation Dome

“The KFC Habitation dome, in association with Pepsi.”


“I think Olympus would be fitting.”

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“Wells. After H. G. Wells.”

The Mars Bar

“I don’t know what the city should be called, but the first night club in town should be called the Mars Bar.”

New New York

“New new York. Have to get the ball rolling for New Earth.”


“Destroy. So that every time someone is going there they will say, ‘We are going to Destroy, Mars’”.

Matt Damon

“Matt Damon. Pronounced as in Team America.”


And, because it’s 2016 and we’re a world completely obsessed, someone thought it would be a fitting tribute to pay our respects to Pokemon Go:

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