The 'Nature Is Healing' Meme Will Make You Laugh In Spite Of The Coronavirus

People are sharing absurd images spoofing the idea of the environment returning to its natural state while humans are in quarantine.

Some bad social media posts about the coronavirus have led to an extremely good meme.

Ever since we humans have been forced into lockdown due to the pandemic, there have been a few proven benefits to the environment.

But a few dramatic social media posts that claim “nature is healing” itself because humans are trapped inside — featuring things like dolphins and swans returning to Venice’s canals — are actually false. (Though the posts about goats invading a town are real, because goats are gonna goat.)

Ronnie Becker, a design student in Minneapolis, told BuzzFeed News that she was “annoyed by the eco-fascist statements of ‘we are the virus’” that claimed animals were returning to Venice’s waterways because Italy is in quarantine.

So she decided to make fun of that mentality with a post she published on March 26.

“I just thought of something that clearly does not belong in nature,” she told BuzzFeed of the post above. “And as someone who hates the scooter share business I thought the Lime scooters in the river was perfect.”

The “nature is healing, we are the virus” meme soon took off, with Twitter users expanding on the joke in increasingly absurd ways. To see how the meme evolved from a photo of scooters in a lake to a very funny Lisa Frank callback, scroll on down.


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