12 NSFW Foods That Prove Adults Are Not Mature Enough To Cook

Mary Berry would not be pleased.

Now that we’re all adults we have definitely matured into the wise people our grandparents would be proud of.

We absolutely don’t find genital-shaped-cakes amusing, or want to tuck into a giant waffle in the shape of a penis...

OK, we totally do.

So in the interest of maturity, we decided to pull together all the most inappropriate food the internet has to offer - from spot-popping cupcakes to the worst “new baby” cake we have ever laid eyes on.

1. Waffles

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2. Hot Dogs

3. Victoria Sponge

4. Valentine’s Cake

5. Pizza

6. Tray Bakes

7. Wedding Cake

8. Birthday Cake

9. Sandwiches

10. Cupcakes

11. New Baby Cake

12. Friendship Cake

Get out of the kitchen.

Passion Fruit

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