10/01/2017 12:53 GMT

‘Neighbours’ Producers Have The Best Excuse For All The Mistakes In The New Title Credits

Well... we can't argue with this reason.

The ‘Neighbours’ production team were left rather red-faced earlier this week, when fans spotted no less than three mistakes in the soap’s brand-new opening titles.

The show’s credits were spruced up for 2017, but those in charge should perhaps have paid a little more attention, as a series of spelling mistakes slipped through the net.

Colette should have just one 'l' 

Eagle-eyed viewers spotted the errors almost immediately and FremantleMedia, who produce the show, have now issued a statement to Digital Spy.

They’ve come up with what may be the best excuse ever, saying: “It looks like the opening credits team may have had one too many sherries over Christmas!”

Well… we can’t argue with that, can we?

“We’d like to thank our eagle-eyed audience for spotting this,” it continues. “We’ve alerted the production team in Australia who are correcting the opening titles and we’ll have the right names in place as soon as we can.

“The production team have apologised to the affected cast members in the meantime.”

Colette Mann and Zoe Cramond’s names were misspelled, along with that of Ryan Moloney, who has starred as Toadie Rebecchi for over 20 years.

Obviously this isn’t the first mistake in TV history, and we’re sure it won’t be the last, but we think we’ll be waiting a long time for an excuse this good.

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