04/10/2017 17:29 BST

'Neighbours' Stars Olympia Valance and Mavournee Hazel Reveal The Production Tricks Bosses Use To Cover Up Cold Aussie Winters For UK Fans

'We have to make it look like it’s not cold for you!'

‘Neighbours’ stars Olympia Valance and Mavournee Hazel have revealed how the cast are forced to suck on ice cubes in an attempt to stop their cold breath from revealing that it is not always hot on the set of the Aussie soap. 

The pair told of how bosses try to make the show appealing to a UK audience by never revealing how cold winters can actually get in Melbourne, where the show is set. 

Olympia Valance often wears a puffa jacket during filming for 'Neighbours'

While the characters may be seen strutting around Ramsay Street in their boardies and summer dresses, temperatures can drop to about eight degrees during the day, leaving the actors suffering for their art. 

“They have to give us ice to make our mouths cold!” Mavournee revealed during an interview with HuffPost UK

“We have the pool scenes and you can literally see the steam coming off it because it’s like eight degrees. Melbourne is freezing.

“We have to do it for the UK fans. It always has to be sunny and like it’s summer.”

Olympia continued: “We almost got frostbite the other day, it was so cold.

"There’s something that’s coming up soon, but it was a huge night and we were outside for hours. It was night scene and I have five pairs of clear tights on, and when I took them off, I couldn’t even walk. They were like ice blocks because I was literally wearing nothing.

“We have to make it look like it’s not cold for you!” she added. 

The weather isn't always hot and sunny in Melbourne

During the chat, the pair also teased some epic stunt scenes to air at the end of the, before the show goes on its annual Christmas break. 

“They are so action-packed, so dramatic and devastating,” Olympia revealed. 

Marvournee continued: ”It’s like stunt, action, hard-core, almost un-‘Neighbours’-y stuff. We’re really pushing what we can do with our rating and our budget.”

Olympia added: “Then when we go back into the new year, which is what we’re filming now, you’ve got incredible stuff going on.”

‘Neighbours’ airs weekdays at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5. 

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