5 Most Embarrassing Things Your Neighbours Have Seen You Do (And It's Not Having Sex)

Just close the curtains people.

You might not know their name and you might have never even properly met them, but your neighbours have definitely seen more of you than you might think.

And we don’t mean when you’re putting the bins out.

Here are the five most common things that have had net curtains twitching.

1. Getting changed.

It won’t surprise anyone living in an urban area (or just anywhere near humans) that 68% of people have seen their neighbours naked, according to a recent study by Hillarys.

Just close the curtains people.

2. Having an argument.

Just over half of all respondents had seen their neighbours in the throes of angry passion. And we don’t mean in the bedroom...

3. Crying.

Most people find the idea of crying in public a little uncomfortable (come on, we are British) but little do they know 17% of people have sobbed to an audience of neighbours.

4. Taking a shower or bath.

There’s nothing like a bath to help you relax at the end of a long day, but maybe it would be less relaxing if you knew that 12% of people have seen their neighbours soaking in the suds.

5. Sitting on the toilet.

Come on now people, there really is no excuse for this one. And yet 6% of people asked said that they had seen their neighbours upon the throne.

Maybe you want to consider moving to the countryside?