20/10/2017 15:59 BST | Updated 21/11/2017 17:55 GMT

Samantha Renke Bursts Into Tears After Broken Wheelchair Leaves Her Stranded In Own Home

'I’m stuck, I can’t go to the toilet, I can’t get anything to eat.'

Samantha Renke was reduced to tears in the latest episode of ‘New Activists’ after her wheelchair broke and engineers failed to provide her with a replacement.

The actress lives with brittle bone disease, making it incredibly difficult for her to move around without breaking a bone or being in pain.

She explained that her chair had broken and engineers had taken it away to fix. However in doing so, they had left her at home without a means of getting around.

“I’m stuck, I can’t go to the toilet, I can’t get anything to eat,” she said. 

“I wasn’t even offered a spare wheelchair. If you break down a car, you get a spare car, and I can’t even get a wheelchair.”

Thankfully Sam’s friend was on hand to help her get around, but she understandably didn’t want him to have to help her use the toilet - so she waited all day until the engineers returned.

At one point, when the engineers said they weren’t sure whether they could get the wheelchair back to her that day, she became overwhelmed with emotion and burst into tears.

Frustrated beyond belief, she said: “I want to be responsible for me, because I’m an adult, but right now I can’t.”

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