Will 2016's New Celebrity Couples Last? We Rate Their Chances

How many Posh and Becks out of five will they score?

Cupid has had a busy old year working his magic on the inhabitants of celebville, with a whole host of new couples making their debut in 2016.

Some of the showbiz parings have been unexpected, some have been completely ‘WTF?’, while others have been nothing short of vomit-inducing.

So, as they all get ready to see in their first New Year together, we’ve gone all Mystic Meg and predicted what the next 12 months has in store for them...

1. Liam Payne and Cheryl

Venturelli via Getty Images

It was the relationship we did not see coming - especially as Cheryl hadn’t actually confirmed rumours her marriage to Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini was over when they went public in March.

While the pair have kept their romance largely out of the spotlight and neither have spoken directly about it in the press, that hasn’t stopped them racking up the column inches in 2016.

Chances of staying together:

Given those pregnancy rumours (that Cheryl has done nothing to deny), we reckon the former Girls Aloud star has finally found The One.

2. Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift

PA/PA Wire

After Taylor ended things with Calvin Harris, it wast long before she was in another high profile relationship - this time with Tom.

Now far be it from us to suggest it was any sort of publicity stunt, but they got together amid mounting speculation he was in the running for the role of James Bond, and those conveniently timed pap shots got everyone talking.

Eventually, he was forced him to speak out to insist they had real feelings for each other, but sadly it didn’t last and they split after just a few months.

Chances of getting back together:

We’re still awaiting the song about this break up.

3. Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry

Kevin Mazur via Getty Images

With everyone still reeling from the shock split of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, this pair have nicely filled the vacancy of Hollywood power couple.

Since confirming their romance, they went on to provide one of the summer’s biggest talking points with *those* paddle boarding pictures.

And if you haven’t seen them yet (where have you been?), let’s just say: 🍆

Chances of staying together:

There’s already been engagement rumours, so we wouldn’t be surprised to see a ring on that finger in 2017.

4. Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash

Dave J Hogan via Getty Images

Stacey and Joe make so much sense as a couple (despite often making little sense individually) that we can’t believe it took them so long to get together.

They’ve since followed in the footsteps of Richard & Judy and Ruth Langsford & Eamonn Holmes by working together as a couple on TV, fronting I’m A Celebrity’s ITV2 spin-off show ‘Extra Camp’ together, alongside Vicky Pattison and Chris Ramsay.

Chances of staying together:

A match made in ‘I’m A Celebrity’ heaven, and a genuinely nice couple.

5. Marnie Simpson and Lewis Bloor

Jeff Spicer via Getty Images

This pair had the nation gagging when they hooked up during this summer’s ‘Celebrity Big Brother’. But it wasn’t just their X-rated showers together were stomach-churning, but the fact they proclaimed to be in love after just 12 days in the house. 😑

Chances of staying together:

To give them their due, they’ve lasted way longer than we anticipated (which was to bag those magazine deals before calling it quits), but they have been plagued by various split rumours. Let’s just say we’re not buying a hat just yet.

6. Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell

Jeff Spicer via Getty Images

Speaking of ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ couples who made us want to vom, the Stephanie and Jeremy saga was the biggest storyline of the January series.

Those who can turn their minds back that far will remember Stephanie was in a relationship on the outside, but she soon forgot about him when she and Jezza embarked on a romance in the house.

After they left, the pair were on and off more times than we care to remember, after allegations of cheating and social media meltdowns.

They split for good in April, and while Stephanie is now expecting Jeremy’s baby, they are still slagging each other off to anyone who will listen.

Chances of getting back together:

Given some of the things they’ve said about each other in recent months, and Jeremy’s refusal to acknowledge Stephanie’s child is his, we’d say there’s more chance of hell freezing over than a reunion between these two.

7. Millie Mackintosh and Hugo Taylor

Thibault Camus/AP

Millie had barely been out of her marriage to Professor Green for five minutes before she rekindled her relationship with former ‘Made In Chelsea’ co-star Hugo.

Since then, the pair have been regular attendees at every opening of an envelope showbiz bash, but Pro Green penned a cutting rap about his relationship with his ex-wife.

Chances of staying together:

They say cupid doesn’t strike twice, but it seems to have for this pair. And while we don’t see Millie rushing down the aisle again in a hurry, things could work out for her and Hugo away from the he gaze of the ‘MIC’ cameras.

8. Pete Wicks & Megan McKenna

Barcroft Media via Getty Images

At the beginning of the year, it was looking as if Megan was going to get it on with ‘CBB’ housemate Scotty T, but it wasn’t to be. When she later joined the cast of ‘TOWIE’, it wasn’t long before she’d hooked up with Pete, much to the envy of many of her cast mates.

Their relationship hasn’t been without its dramas though, as it looked as if it was all over when Pete was caught out sexting an ex. He eventually managed to win her round though, and they seem to be back on track.

Chances of staying together:

’TOWIE’ fans have really gotten behind this coupling, and while Essex romances have a habit of never lasting too long, we’re hoping they buck the trend.

9. Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth

James Devaney via Getty Images

After a wild few years, it’s been very quiet on the Miley front in recent months, so it’s no surprise we’d barely even noticed she’d reunited with former fiancé Liam.

Having originally split in 2013 at the height of her tongue-wagging, ass-twerking fame, the pair came back together again earlier this year, and rumour has it the engagement is back on.

Chances of staying together:

We’re hoping second time’s a charm.

10. Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid

Doug Peters/Doug Peters

If you’d have told us at the start of the year if Zayn and Gigi would have been together at the end of it, we wouldn’t have believed you. But thankfully, we were wrong.

The twosome have gone on to become one of the most talked-about and written-about couples of the year (not to mention the most beautiful). Although we could definitely do without him oversharing about their ‘50 Shades’-esque sex lives, tbh.

Chances of staying together:

We can see these two going the distance. Then again, we said that about Zayn and Perrie...

11. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

PA/PA Wire

After Prince Harry was linked to US actress Meghan, he took the unprecedented step of issuing a public statement, slamming the media’s coverage of his new relationship and accusing them of racism and sexism.

Chances of staying together:

We have EVERYTHING crossed for a royal wedding in 2017, if not just for another Bank Holiday.

12. Hughie Maughan and Ryan Ruckledge

Mike Marsland via Getty Images

Ryan and Hughie may not have been everyone’s cup of tea as ‘Big Brother’ housemates, but there’s no denying their blossoming relationship was endearing to watch.

Despite insisting they did not fancy each other, the pair fell for each other inside the confines of the ‘BB’ compound. It was also emotional for Hughie, as his parents were unaware he was bisexual before he entered the house.

Months later, Ryan and Hughie are now engaged to be married.

Chances of staying together:

They’ve proved any doubters wrong by staying together for this long, and haven’t tarted themselves out to any magazine that will pay them a fiver, so this could be the real deal.

13. Nathan Massey and Cara de la Hoyde

Ian West/PA Wire

This relationship began with him ejaculating all over her leg in the shared bedroom of a Spanish villa while being filmed for a reality show.

And while things got off to a sticky start, they eventually went on to be crowned the winners of this summer’s ‘Love Island’, and they have been together ever since.

Chances of staying together:

Now regular fixtures on the showbiz party circuit, the pair are making the most of their 15 minutes, but it remains to be seen if they stick together when their time is up.

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