13/12/2018 11:50 GMT | Updated 14/12/2018 09:33 GMT

The New York Times Asked For Londoners' Experiences Of Petty Crimes And Boy Did They Deliver

'Someone accidentally touched my hand on the tube.'

The New York Times has done it again.

The US publication has often missed the mark when it comes to covering the UK and on Thursday morning, they delivered another facepalm-inducing moment, by asking Londoners for submissions on crime. 

“Have you experienced a petty crime in London? Click to tell us your story” they optimistically wrote, warning people their submissions might be published. 

It’s easy to see now that this was never going to go to plan. Why? Because this is Britain and we like a good laugh. Especially at the moment.

Here’s a selection of the best replies.

There were lots of mentions of the tube: 

London’s extortionate beer prices also received a nod or two:

As have other food-related issues:

And finally, Londoners’ other favourite topic of conversation, ridiculous housing prices, came up too: 

Nice work, everyone.