15/01/2018 22:00 GMT

'Next Of Kin' Episode 2 Review: 10 Questions We're Asking As The ITV Thriller Continues

Is Mona dead?


Last week’s episode of ‘Next Of Kin’ may not have been perfect (no, we still can’t get over the massive time-related plot hole), but we were still hotly anticipating the next instalment, after it ended with the revelation Danny Shirani had been found in Pakistan.

Luckily, bosses picked up the story from where it left off, and Monday (15 January) night’s episode saw Mona travel to Lahore where she was reunited with a clearly troubled Danny.

However, it wasn’t long before tragedy struck the Shirani family yet again, and there were plenty more questions we had as the credits rolled...

Who is Danny running from?

While it’s apparent Danny has got himself in some sort of trouble, it’s still not explicit who or what brought him to Lahore, and why he’s now trying to escape them. 

What is Danny’s condition?

His nan hinted at he was on a lot of medicines last week, and he appeared to have some sort of fit as he was running through the streets of Lahore, so what is it that’s wrong with him?


Why was the DCI Barnes at the opera?

She said she was “a local girl”, but was there a another reason she was there?

Why was Danny “ashamed” of his dad?

Omar told Mona when he last spoke to Danny, the teen told him he was ashamed of Kareem prior to his death, but what had he done to make his son so disappointed?

Why was Noor so cagey when Mona asked if she had seen Danny at the medical centre?

Had Kareem seen his son prior to his death? If so, why did Noor resist answering?

Who is watching Guy and his family?

While both Mona and Guy have had their suspicions they were under surveillance, it remains to be seen whether it is the police who are watching them or if it is someone else. Perhaps someone from the group who killed Kareem?


Why did the police want Mona out of the picture?

It emerged the police had lied about Mona needing to fly to Lahore to identify Kareem’s body, after the officer from the British consulate revealed DCI Townsend had told him in no uncertain terms it had already been identified, and he believed Mona and her mother were simply in the country to pay their respects. 

Townsend was then seen paying a visit to Kareem’s widow to ask her if she had seen Danny liaising with the woman behind the terrorist attack in London during the previous episode.

But why could he not ask those questions with Mona in the country?

Was Kareem on his way to rescue Danny when he was killed?

Danny appeared to suggest Kareem knew of his son’s troubles prior to his death and was on his way to save him. Is this really the case?


Did the guard shoot Mona deliberately?

After Mona absconded from the protection of the British consulate to visit Danny, the two guards, who were revealed to be ex-local police officers gave chase under instruction from UK police.

After they found her and Danny together, they were instructed to target Danny with minimal impact, but ended up shooting Mona instead.

Was this purely a case of misfire, or were they really attempting to kill Mona?

Will Mona die?

Things did not look good for Mona after she was shot on the rooftop, but surely we can’t lose our leading character this early on in the series? 

‘Next Of Kin’ continues next Monday at 9pm on ITV.