'I'm Very Interested In Identity': Nicholas Galitzine Reveals Why He Takes On So Many Queer Roles

Another day, another queer character for Nicholas Galitzine.
Nicholas Galitzine stars in historical drama Mary & George as James I's favourite, George Villiers
Nicholas Galitzine stars in historical drama Mary & George as James I's favourite, George Villiers
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Whether you know him from his star-making turn in Red, White and Royal Blue, or from the likes of Purple Hearts, Bottoms or his upcoming movie with Anne Hathaway, The Idea of You, there’s no denying that Nicholas Galitzine’s star is on the rise.

The 29-year-old actor is currently starring in Sky drama Mary & George alongside Julianne Moore. The historical series follows the rather raunchy story of Jacobean social climbers George Villiers and his mother Mary, who charmed their way into the good graces of King James I.

Speaking to HuffPost UK, Galitzine described his character as somewhat of a power-hungry, sexual dynamo, declaring that “there’s no one he won’t seduce if it leads to power”.

In truth, Galitzine has played a cross-section of characters in his career so far, including dumb jocks, recovering drug addicts and sensitive princes. One thing that seems to re-occur, however, is queerness.

“There’s sort of a plethora of reasons for this”, the actor tell us. “One, I have so many friends within the community, and I know so many of them didn’t feel like they had these stories growing up.”

Speaking about the runaway hit Red, White and Royal Blue – which was the number one movie worldwide on Prime Video in the month of its release, and has been Certified Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes – Galitzine reveals that many of his mates loved the film:

“My gay friends were like wow, to have something cheesy and broad and wholesome is like really, really important, and I think the resonance of that means a lot to me.”

Before this, the actor (who is straight) has played a number of gay and bisexual characters, including a rugby playing teen struggling with his sexuality in Handsome Devil, a gay blackmailer in crime drama Legends and a bisexual high schooler in The Craft: Legacy.

When asked what draws him to roles rooted in queerness, the actor seemed reflective.

“I think with all of these characters the thing that I find really intriguing as an actor is that underbelly of vulnerability and having to hide oneself. I’m very interested in identity; George is very different in a ways because his sex and his sexuality is his power”, he told HuffPost UK.

“I think they’ve all just been really rich characters in of themselves”, continued the Red, White and Royal Blue star. “You know, you read that in the script it just becomes a bit of a no-brainer.”

Galitzine will next appear in Prime Video’s adaptation of the Robinne Lee novel The Idea of You, which follows the love affair between a divorced mother (Hathaway) and the lead singer of the hottest boyband on the planet (Galitzine).

You can view a clip from the conversation below:


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All seven episodes of Mary & George will launch on Sky Atlantic and streaming service NOW on 5th March.


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