Right-Wing Broadcaster Calls For Killing Of 'Globalists At CNN'

"I want people that run CNN to be arrested and deported or hanged," he says after anti-Muslim rant.

A conservative network is apologizing for comments made by a host who suggested it was “time to kill the globalists” who run CNN.

Nick Fuentes, a host for Right Side Broadcasting Network, made the comments April 19 on his show, “America First With Nick Fuentes.”

Fuentes made the comments during an Islamophobic tirade:

“The First Amendment was not written for Muslims, by the way. It wasn’t written for a barbaric ideology that wanted to come over and kill us. It was written for Calvinists. It was written for Lutherans and Catholics, not for Salafists, not for Wahhabists, not for the Saudi royal family. Don’t think the founders had that one in mind. And it also was intended for citizens, not for immigrants.”

Fuentes then started talking about the mainstream media, lumping in Fox News.

“Who runs the media? Globalists. Time to kill the globalists. I don’t want to not watch CNN. I don’t want CNN to go out of business. I don’t want CNN to be more honest. I want people that run CNN to be arrested and deported or hanged because this is deliberate.”

The complete video can be seen above courtesy of MediaMatters.org, which saved it for posterity.

The comments were incendiary enough that the network was forced to post a message on Twitter proclaiming that, while they believe Fuentes’ comments “were made in jest, they are still unacceptable, inappropriate and do not reflect the view of our team here at Right Side.”

RSBN statement regarding comments made by one of our hosts: pic.twitter.com/oExxXCMtMA

— RSBN TV (@RSBNetwork) April 22, 2017

MediaMatters.org reported that tweet was contradicted by another tweet sent by Fuentes’ producers thanking Twitter users who praised Fuentes as “a smart young man” for wishing death to CNN employees.

That tweet has since been deleted.

The tone of the tweet also contrasted the tone of comments made last June by Right Side Broadcasting Network CEO Joe Seales during a Reddit Ask Me Anything.

When Seales was asked how to deal with the mainstream media, he said, “Just continue to discredit them, call them out and mock the hell out of them,” according to The Washington Post.


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