Nicki Minaj Just Dissed Donald Trump In 'Black Barbie' Remix

“Now praying all ma foreigns don’t get deported.”
Nicki Minaj, Black Barbie.
Nicki Minaj, Black Barbie.
Eduardo Munoz / Reuters

Nicki Minaj just dropped a remix of Rae Sremmurd’s hit song “Black Beatles,” and there’s one particular line that definitely stands out: a Donald Trump diss.

On Tuesday, the Trinidadian rapper posted a Soundcloud link to her “Black Barbies” remix on her Twitter: now ga head & getcho mthafkn life #BlackBarbies BLACK BARBIES

— NICKI MINAJ (@NICKIMINAJ) November 15, 2016

Minaj spends most of the song doing what she does best ― detailing all the reasons she’s a boss ― before rapping at the 1:30 mark:

“Island girl, Donald Trump want me to go home. Still pull up with my wrist looking like a snow cone.”

Later, she adds, “Now praying all ma foreigns don’t get deported.”

It’s subtle shade toward the new president-elect, who many feel will spell bad news for immigrants, the LGBTQ community, women, people of color, and other marginalized communities.

While Minaj included a few digs at Trump, she said on Twitter that the remix is really about celebrating the success of rap duo Rae Sremmurd, who have secured their first number one album with “Black Beatles.”

“Why? Cuz 2 Lil black kids got the NUMBER 1 RECORD IN THE COUNTRY & I’m soooooo happy for Mike Will,” Minaj wrote on Instagram.

Listen to the song below:


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