'Celebrity Big Brother': Nicola McLean's Husband Tom Williams Tipped To Enter

She previously said she had a 'free pass' due to his past behaviour.

There could be a surprise in store for Nicola McLean in the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house, with reports suggesting her husband, Tom Williams, could pay her a visit.

Nicola made headlines earlier this week after she and fellow ‘CBB’ housemate Jamie O’Hara drunkenly flirted in the garden, culminating in him offering to help her into bed without his shirt on.

While at the time Jamie justified this by saying that Tom was “his bruv”, the next morning she claimed she had a “free card” due to her husband’s past infidelities, adding: “That’s the joy of when someone fucks up so bad.”

<strong>Nicola McLean and Jamie O'Hara</strong>
Nicola McLean and Jamie O'Hara
Channel 5

According to the Daily Star, Tom is “keen to convince producers” to allow him into the house, to speak to Nicola after her behaviour raised eyebrows among viewers in the outside world.

Similar stunts have been carried out in the past, with Stephen Bear’s girlfriend arriving in the house to confront him over his sexual antics with fellow housemate Chloe Khan during last year’s series.

And Jasmine Waltz made ‘CBB’ history when she returned to the house via a grandfather clock during a task, to put fellow housemates Lee Ryan and Casey Batchelor in their place, after they grew close again following her eviction.

However, we find it hard to imagine that it would be Tom who was the driving force behind him entering the house, given his retort to a showbiz journalist who asked for an interview about his wife’s time on ‘CBB’.

<strong>Tom Williams and Nicola McLean</strong>
Tom Williams and Nicola McLean
Danny Martindale via Getty Images

Writing on Instagram, he fumed: “Pretty sure I’ve made it clear over the years I’m not interested - I think my last response a couple of years back was ‘go fuck yourselves’.”

He also stuck up for Nicola on Twitter, writing: “Interesting that [‘Big Brother’] didn’t show that Nicola has been with a psychiatrist all day.”

A ‘CBB’ spokesperson declined to comment when contacted by HuffPost UK.

‘CBB’ airs nightly on Channel 5.

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