Nigella Lawson's Secret Ingredient For Curry Is Hiding In Your Food Bin

If Nigella says it works, then it works.
GMVozd via Getty Images

If there’s anyone we trust when it comes to a surprising secret ingredient, it’s queen Nigella Lawson. Whether it’s providing a brand new approach to our beloved roast potatoes or even improving how we butter our toast, Nigella has never done us wrong.

Now, we’ve discovered Nigella’s secret to a great curry with strong textures and, best of all, it gives you the satisfaction of knowing your food hasn’t gone to waste.

This is because her secret is actually banana peels!

Speaking in her book, Cook Eat Repeat, Nigella said: “Nothing makes me feel happier in cooking than making a meal out of repurposed scraps. So, I feel quite delighted now that I have found a use for the banana skins that would otherwise end up in the bin after I’ve made yet another banana bread.”

How to prepare banana peels for cooking

Speaking on the TV show that accompanied her book, Nigella said that to prepare bananas skins, she simply covers them in boiling water, adds a little turmeric, a little salt and then leaves the water to cool.

She went on to say that the texture of the peels once mixed into the curry is similar to that of aubergine and, in fact, she has had guests ask her if the food is aubergine in the past!

She said that if you’re expecting this to be a hot curry recipe, you’ll be disappointed as it’s “mellow and aromatic”.

These are part of her cauliflower and banana peel curry recipe which can be found in the book itself but I reckon if you’re making a mild curry, these will make a delicious finishing touch.

Health benefits of banana peels

According to the health experts at Holland and Barrett, the health benefits of banana peels include:

  • Improving and supporting heart health
  • Regulating blood sugar levels
  • Support digestive health
  • Help you to sleep
  • Support kidney health
  • Help with energy before exercise

Healthy, thrifty, and tasty? SOLD.