Marek + Richard 'No Fats No Fems' Top Sparks Online Backlash

'75% of what's wrong in the gay community.'

A vest top with the slogan 'No Fats No Fems' by online retailer Marek + Richard has sparked a social media backlash.

The product description describes the slogan as the "infamous phrase you've prolly seen on your fave hookup app," adding that it's perfect to add a little "irony" to your wardrobe.

But Mic editor Mathew Rodriguez called the shirt out, writing that it revealed "a sad truth about the gay community" and citing the study 'Reported Effects of Masculine Ideals on Gay Men' - which showed that gay men often feel "psychological distress" if they cannot be masculine enough.

Marek Richard

Rodriguez explained that gay men are under immense pressure to look and act a certain way.

"In 2005, researchers found that being gay alone is a risk factor for men to develop eating disorders due to pressures to be thin," he wrote.

Since his article was published, many social media users have taken to Twitter to voice their own opinions of the shirt, calling it "self loathing" and "offensive".

Marek + Richard have since responded to the backlash in a series of tweets - reiterating the shirt's description that labelled it as "satire", and adding that it had now sold out.

The Huffington Post UK has reached out to Marek + Richard for comment.

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