Green Moon: No, The Moon Won't Be Changing Colour Next Month

Don't believe the hype...

There's just about a conspiracy theory for everything these days, from the moon Landings to the existence of a secret alien base in the Nevada desert.

Burazin via Getty Images

The latest one to take hold on the public is easily one of the more bizarre and it declares that the moon will turn a shade of green on the 29 May.

This is, sadly, complete nonsense.

The theory goes that Earth and Uranus are now so aligned (they're not) that the green tinge of Uranus would be cast upon the moon.

According to the theory it goes on to say that it hasn't (rather conveniently) been since since the 16th Century and would also only be viewable for 90 minutes.

The final nail in this coffin of absurdity is the fact that it was also supposed to turn green on the 20 April, a day very coincidentally also dedicated to supporting the smoking of cannabis.

Coincidence? It must be, what are the odds, well the odds are extremely high when it turns out that the whole thing is just a massive hoax.

The green moon hoax shouldn't be surprising to many of us, NASA has spent a depressing amount of its time debunking theories like this from killer asteroids to the bizarre claim that the International Space Station isn't real and that the astronauts are just relaxing on a beach somewhere in the Pacific.

Don't believe everything you read folks because the likelihood is that if it sounds truly unbelievable the chances are it genuinely isn't believable.

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