This Is What It Is Like To Fly Through The Northern Lights

Get us on that plane

For most of us, the worst part of going on holiday is the travelling - airport security, boarding flights, and sitting with no legroom for hours on end.

But what if your flight involved front-row seats at an unexpected tourist attraction on the way there?

That is exactly what happened for one Air Canada customer who was lucky enough to witness the Northern Lights out of the window as they were landing.

The anonymous flyer, who shared their video to Imgur, managed to perfectly capture the Aurora Borealis on the particularly clear night as the aeroplane flies right through it.

It is the second time in 2017 that we have had great footage of the Northern Lights taken from the skies.

In January, photographer Aryeh Nirenberg, shared his own video which he took on a six-hour Delta flight from JFK in New York to Reykjavik at 35,000 feet.

Nirenberg found himself alone in a row of seats and was able to set up his full camera and tripod.

He said: “It takes a whole lot of patience to see those lights especially with Iceland’s stormy weather.”

We need to book some flights to Iceland.


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