Photographer's Northern Lights Marriage Proposal Is Nothing Short Of Spectacular

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If you’re planning a romantic marriage proposal, take a lesson from Dale Sharpe.

The photographer recently proposed to his partner Karlie Russell in the heart of the Arctic Circle under the Northern Lights.

And thanks to his epic camera skills, he managed to capture the magical moment with one shot.

β€œIt’s taken a few years to plan but I always had this moment in mind,” Sharpe captioned the photo on Facebook, where it’s been liked more than 8,000 times.

β€œIt seemed fitting as we are both landscape photographers who share a passion for photographing the aurora.”

Sharpe went on to explain that he’d originally planned to propose in Iceland last year, but his plan was foiled when Russell unknowingly threw away his secretly stashed ring.

β€œWe were trying to cut weight on a connecting flight from the Faroe Islands,” he said.

β€œFortunately though my [latest] plan worked and tonight the aurora was firing in one of the most incredible displays of colour we have ever seen.

β€œI tricked Karlie into believing we were shooting a selfie and used a torch to light us up for the image. Much to her shock, it wasn’t any normal selfie, and much to my shock, she said yes.”

Although the pair tend not to hang their own photos in their home, they plan to make an exception for this one.

Whoever their wedding photographer is, they’ve got a tough act to follow.

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