The Tube Will Soon Have 4G – And People Aren't Happy About It

"NOOOOOO! It's my favourite time on the Tube when we hit a tunnel and people are quiet."

Passengers on the London Underground could soon have access to 4G anywhere on the Tube map, including tunnels, Transport for London has announced – thereby robbing Londoners of the last place they can enjoy precious mobile-free minutes, aside from their morning shower.

Commuters on the eastern half of the Jubilee Line will be first to benefit in March 2020, when 4G becomes available in tunnels, ticket halls and corridors, as well as platforms. The service will be rolled out further subject to approval.

People were quick to post their reactions online – presumably using the fleeting and oh-so-patchy WiFi they currently get when the Tube pulls into a station.

And it’s fair to say the news has not been universally well received, as people realise the full implications for their morning commute.

You’ll Be Able To Make Calls In The Carriage (But So Will Other People).

You’ll Now Be Contactable ALL Of The Time.

And The Work Will Never Stop.

London Is About To Get Even More Unfriendly.

And It Doesn’t Exactly Benefit People Outside London.

Even Those Who Welcome 4G Want More.

Can The New Service Be A Little Less Patchy, Please?

We May Never Get A Moment’s Peace EVER Again.

And We’ve No Longer Got A Get-Out Clause

At Least There’s Still One Place With No WiFi...