M&S LGBT Sandwich Launched To Celebrate Pride – And Divides Shoppers

"This is not just any sandwich..." 🌈 🥪

Marks & Spencer has launched an ‘LGBT’ sandwich in the UK and Ireland to celebrate Pride – but it has been met with mixed reactions.

The sandwich is filled with lettuce, guacamole, bacon and tomato – true to the acronym LGBT – as well as coming in rainbow-coloured packaging.

The British brand will be donating money to two causes ahead of Pride, chosen by its LGBTQ+ employees: £10,000 to Akt, a LGBTQ+ youth homelessness charity and €1000 to BeLongG, an Irish youth service.

But reactions to the sandwich haven’t all been positive – with some people accusing the brand of capitalising on the pink pound.

Customers suggested the brand was taking the “easy route” in marketing an LGBT product, while failing to be an ally in other areas.

Others, however, were satisfied that M&S was trying to play its part, including releasing a new advertisement featuring a gay couple.

And there were some positive reactions to the new sandwich.

Of course, there were shoppers who weren’t happy with the composition of the sandwich, arguing that the ingredients excluded vegetarians and vegans.

And there were people who didn’t like the price, either. This is Britain.

So what should an LGBT sandwich actually look like?

HuffPost UK has contacted Marks & Spencer for comment and this article will be updated with a response.