Charging Your Phone With Its Case On? Wow Do We Have Bad News For You

Here's why you need to take your case off before your charge your smartphone.
evrim ertik via Getty Images

iPhones aren’t cheap devices, so if you have one you’ll do anything to make sure it stays in good condition. This doesn’t just mean the exterior look of your phone, this includes the operation of the phone itself, which includes your battery.

It’s rare to find an iPhone user without a phone case but charging your phone with the case on can be bad news. In fact, charging your phone continuously with a phone case could cause the phone’s battery to worsen.

If you like scrolling on Instagram whilst your phone is charging you should stop doing that too as it can affect your iPhone’s life span. As well as this, charging it with a high-voltage can damage your battery life too.

Popular tech TikToker David Eluemunoh shares that charging your phone with certain cases may cause your precious device to overheat. It can actually cause your phone to stop charging when it gets to 80%.

Apple even states this on their website, Eluemunoh says. “Charging your device when it’s in certain styles of cases may generate excess heat which can affect battery capacity,” he quotes from the Apple Website.

“So if you notice that your battery is jumping from 100% down to 90% or even 80%, one of the reasons is simply because your iPhone gets too hot frequently,” Eluemunoh says.

So, next time remember to take your phone case off.