OJ Simpson's Manager Reveals He 'Knows Who Committed Murders And Why'

OJ's Former Manager Says 'He Knows Who And Why'

OJ Simpson’s former manager has spoken out after two decades, claiming he knows “who committed the murders and why”.

Talking on American radio station KNX 1070 Newsradio, Norman Pardo made this bold assertion, adding: “I just can’t disclose it right now.”

OJ Simpson was found not guilty at criminal trial in 1995
OJ Simpson was found not guilty at criminal trial in 1995

The 22-year-old case took a fresh twist last week, with LAPD announcing they were testing a knife left in the grounds of OJ’s former mansion, recovered nearly two decades by a worker during demolition of the house, but only recently made public.

In an interview with People magazine, Norman Pardo added that OJ “isn’t losing any sleep over it”.

He added that the reason he and his famous client didn’t tell the authorities at the time was, “They took all my stuff regarding the incidents. They raided my office and took it all.”

According to other sources, OJ reportedly “laughed” when told about the knife, saying, “I’m not stupid, I flew to Chicago that night. That’s all I’m going to say."

The former footballing legend turned actor was notoriously cleared of the murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ron Goldman, following a high-profile trial that kept millions of American viewers glued to their screens.

Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman were murdered in 1994
Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman were murdered in 1994

OJ was later found guilty of the same crimes in a civil court, but failed to pay back more than a fraction of the sum decreed by the court to be owed to the victims’ families.

His glittering life was ruined, however. He became a social pariah in Hollywood, and he is currently in prison, serving a sentence for robbery.

The TV series ‘American Crime Story: The People Versus OJ Simpson’ is currently airing on both sides of the Atlantic, starring Oscar winner Cuba Gooding Jr as the troubled star. The series explores again how OJ’s “dream team” of defence attorneys were able to concentrate on the racial aspects of OJ’s arrest, including bringing to light policeman Mark Fuhrman’s previous comments on black people.


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