14/03/2017 11:11 GMT

19 Questions Everyone Asks Themselves During A One Night Stand

Is this really a good idea?🍆

There’s nothing like the familiar feeling of waking up in a bedroom you’ve never seen before with someone whose name you definitely haven’t forgotten already. 

Sex with no strings attached really is an art form and one that we are all working on perfecting - seriously what is the etiquette with the morning after text? 

Here are 19 questions we all ask ourselves during a one night stand.

1. It can’t really be that long since I last had sex?

2.Maybe I’ve completely forgotten how do to this?

3. Is this actually a good idea?

4. How many drinks is too many drinks? 

5. How often is everyone else doing this too?

6. Am I playing it cool enough?

7. Will I massively regret this in the morning?

8. Did I remember to shave my ankles?

9. Am I being really loud? 

10. Have they finished already? 

11. When are we going to get married?

12. How did I think this was a good idea? 

13. Wait, did we use a condom?

14. Do I have stubble rash on my face?

15. How do I leave casually? 

16. Is it really terrible to just go? 

17. Should I go in for the goodbye hug? 

18. Where is my underwear?

19. And how the fuck do I get home from here?