This Optical Illusion Will Make Your Brain Ache

Make it stop.

Another day, another optical illusion to bamboozle and frustrate you - and this holiday snap is no exception.

Can you see it?

The image, which was uploaded to Imgur, shows two people hugging on a beach.

At first glance it looks like man with his back to the camera is being lifted up by the other person in the photo.

But, looking a little closer, you see that the man with his back to the camera has loose shorts on with two colours - white in the middle, black on the outside - and that his shorts are completely blocking out the other person's legs from the calves upwards.

Also, another major clue that is somewhat illusive to begin with - the man with his back to the camera is black, while the other person is white. So, once you see the illusion, it's pretty easy to identify whose legs belong to whom.

Reddit user (Blood_Reaper) who uploaded the image says: "This hurts my brain."

We're inclined to agree.