Vanilla Blush Create Sexy Lingerie For People With Ostomy Bags

'Beautiful, yet practical.'

A lingerie brand are creating fashionable - and functional - underwear for men and women with ostomy bags.

Vanilla Blush's knickers and boxers come with internal pouches to support stoma appliances and ostomy bags, protecting the wearer's skin and "reducing risks of leaks caused by irritated, sweaty skin".

High-waisted styles look like they're straight out of a sexy lingerie catalogue, made from silky and sheer fabrics with the option of a crotchless gusset.

Writer Sam Cleasby, from Sheffield, wrote a brilliant piece for the Metro detailing her experience trying Vanilla Blush lingerie.

She also shares insights into her life with ulcerative colitis on her blog and social media.

Posting the below image on Instagram, she wrote: "I have an ileostomy and these knickers are from the amazing Vanilla Blush who make beautiful yet practical underwear for people with an ostomy."

A photo posted by So Bad Ass (@samcleasby) on

"They make me feel good, not because they hide my bag and scars but because they make me feel normal.

"I'm 34, plus size and have a disability but I still want to wear amazing clothes that make me feel pretty, powerful and awesome!"

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