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'Our Girl' Series 3: Cast And Spoilers On The 2017 Series Of Michelle Keegan's BBC Military Drama

There's even more episodes to enjoy this time around.

Michelle Keegan won a whole new army of fans (pun very much intended) when she succeeded Lacey Turner in the lead role of ‘Our Girl’ last year. 

And now she is back as Corporal Georgie Lane for the third series of the hit BBC military drama. 

After last year’s run ended with Georgie finally choosing between Jamie and Elvis, things have since changed rather a lot, with a host of new plots, characters and missions set to shake up the lives of 2 Section. 

Here’s what we can tell you about the all-new episodes of ‘Our Girl’...


When does series three start?

Series three of ‘Our Girl’ kicks off on Tuesday 10 October at 9pm on BBC One. 

Unlike previous series, which each lasted five episodes, the new run will be split up into three parts, each depicting a different tour. 

Each part is made up of four episodes, with the later tours airing at a yet-to-be confirmed date. 

Who is in the cast?

Michelle Keegan, Luke Pasqualino and Ben Aldridge are all returning from the previous series in their roles as Lance Corporal Georgie Lane, Special Forces Officer Elvis Harte and Captain Charles James respectively.

They will be joined by newcomer Shalom Brune-Franklin as Private Maisie Richards, who previously had a role in Australian drama series ‘Doctor Doctor’, while Harki Bhambra will play another new member of 2 Section called Rab. He previously had a minor role as Mike in an episode of ‘Doctor Who’ in 2015. 

Rudi Dharmalingam is also joining the cast as a potential interest for Georgie’s character called Milan. Any drama fans currently watching BBC One’s thriller ‘Rellik’ may recognise him from his role as Alex. 


Where does the story pick up?

Episode one begins with a flashback, with Georgie and Elvis in Syria together, and their relationship is very much on an even keel. However, when we rejoin the characters in the present day, the pair have split and Georgie is at home when she gets a call from Captain James asking her to come out to Nepal for a NGO relief mission, following a devastating series of earthquakes.

As well as coping with unpredictable natural landscape and an increasingly dangerous human threat to the area, she’ll also have to deal with the sudden reappearance of Elvis.

On top of that, Georgie’s also been tasked with mentoring new character Private Maisie Richards, who is described as young and rebellious.

Will Georgie and Elvis get back together?

It looks like viewers are going to have a bit of a wait before any sort of reconciliation, as while Elvis is keen to get back together, Georgie has her guard up.

Michelle explains: “Georgie still believes they can’t be together but Elvis still tries his luck a couple of times. Obviously Elvis is a ladies man but she does find out a few things she doesn’t like.

“She tries to be professional but deep down I think she’s genuinely hurt.”

Luke adds: “He is incredibly head over heels in love with her and he wants to reconcile... It frustrates Elvis to know that there’s little he can say or do to win her back.

“It’s all very much unknown and I think audiences will be surprised.”


What happened to Jamie?

After being jilted at the altar at the end of series two, Georgie’s ex, Jamie Cole will not be back for series three, with Royce Pierreson not reprising his role. 

However, Michelle has a theory as to what he is up to now, explaining: “He’s probably settled down, got married and still a doctor.”

Will Mollie return?

With Lacey Turner now still starring as Stacey Fowler in ‘EastEnders’, we wouldn’t hold your breath on seeing her back as Mollie Dawes. However, her husband Captain James will reference her in the series, with actor Ben Aldridge teasing we will “get more insight in a later tour”. 

What is Captain James up to?

James has become even more weary with life on tour, questioning what he does and the ethics of it. He will take centre stage in episode three of the series, when he experiences a massive betrayal from someone he thought he could trust. 

Ben explains this almost sees him lose the section and jeopardise everyone’s life. 

“For the first time in any drama that I’ve seen on TV, it gives a look into life in Afghanistan and for the soldiers in their Army who fought alongside them,” he says.

“It’s been written very carefully and delicately and well handled. It’s hard hitting drama.”


What are the new characters like?

Maisie is very outspoken and rebellious, and instantly clashes with Georgie, who tries to put her in her place. But it also turns out she has a prior connection to one of the other characters. 

“Maisie and Elvis have their own history and when Georgie finds out, he knows he has his work cut out and it’s another hurdle to jump over,” Luke reveals. 

“What would the love story between Georgie and Elvis be if there wasn’t a bit of a spanner in the works? Maisie is that spanner.”

Maisie will also have a love interest of her own in the shape of fellow newbie Rab, who takes a shine to her. 

There’s also Milan, a Nepalese engineer who catches Georgie’s eye, but when Elvis turns up in Nepal, it turns a potential romance between them upside down. 

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