'Our Girl' Review: Michelle Keegan As Georgie Lane Finally Makes Her Choice

Michelle Keegan has earned rave reviews in her role of army medic.

‘Our Girl’ concluded with a crash and a bang as army medic Georgie Lane managed to stand up her own wedding in favour of a dash to thwart a would-be terrorist.

At a press screening before the series aired, actress Michelle Keegan was asked which of her rival suitors she would choose. She answered only, “She makes the right choice for her.”

<strong>Nice-but-boring Jamie didn't have what it took to keep Georgie to schedule on her wedding day</strong>
Nice-but-boring Jamie didn't have what it took to keep Georgie to schedule on her wedding day

As it transpired, the right choice was no choice. In a twist that possibly surprised no one, Georgie found herself unable to settle down with nice-but-dim Jamie, but equally underwhelmed by the attentions of the cheekboned Elvis, despite his status as a one-man counter-terrorism unit, liaison officer, field man, forensics expert and her protector who put himself between her and her extremist assassin.

<strong>... but neither did Elvis, it transpired</strong>
... but neither did Elvis, it transpired

In a witty touch, the army medic was still wearing her tiara when she abandoned her own wedding day to zoom off with her ex - “epic” as her impressed sister described it - although she was, tactfully, back in her jeans when she broke it to devastated Jamie that she “wasn’t the settling down type”.

Instead, Georgie made her way back to Kenya, the humanitarian camp she’d left behind four episodes before and, presumably, straight into a second series for Michelle Keegan.

Our Girl Series 2

Our Girl Series 2

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