Panasonic Unveils New Family Of 'Iron Man' Style Exoskeletons

You'll be able to lift more, run faster and even fight aliens...

Panasonic has unveiled a new range of 'Iron Man' style exoskeletons that can help people walk, lift heavy objects and in some extreme cases, combat large aliens.

The company's robotics division ActiveLink have been quietly working on the next-generation of robotic suits that can help us lift with near superhuman strength and walk extreme distances without feeling tired.


The Assist Suit AWN-03 is an exoskeleton that can for example help workers lift heavy object repeatedly without putting strain on the lower back.

Thanks to advances in the miniaturisation of technology the suit can be put on single-handedly, has an 8-hour battery life and can reduce the weight of objects by up to 15kg.


Next up is the PLN-01 NINJA, a suit that ActiveLink hopes will be used by those who either have trouble walking or walk over very rough terrain.

The suit's internal sensors are able to detect the amount of strain that the legs are experiencing and then compensates by providing assistance via the on-board motors.

Then of course there's the Power Loader....


The Power Loader might look like a prop from 'Alien' but it's a real heavy-lifting robotic suit.

With 20 motors in total being controlled by four sensors in the hands and feet this heavy-duty exosuit is being designed for use as a disaster relief robot.

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