10/03/2017 16:17 GMT

Panasonic Has Launched A Washing Machine With A Curry Button, But There's A Catch


If, like us, you’ve sacrificed a fair few items of clothing during your weekly curry binges, we have some tantalising news.

Panasonic has built a washing machine with a setting designed to target particularly gruesome curry stains.

The downside? It has been launched exclusively for the Indian market.


The Japanese electronics giant spent two years trying to find the ultimate way to rid otherwise pristine clothing of stains.

Before settling on the ideal combination of water temperature and water flow, researchers rigorously analysed what goes into a typical Indian curry. 

It sounds like arduous work...

The BBC reported that Panasonic was hoping to sell 30,000 ‘StainMasters’ by the end of March 2018, for around £268.

HuffPost UK asked Panasonic if there are plans to bring the washing machine to the UK, but we haven’t had a response.

We live in hope.