27/02/2017 10:32 GMT

13 Tweets About Pancake Day That Prove Brits Cannot Be Trusted With Nice Things

What tossers.

It’s that time of year again people, Pancake Day, when Britain can legitimately eat a stack of pancakes for every meal and not even our mum can stop us. 

In the next 24 hours we’ll be stocking up on butter, lemons and sugar, and bracing ourselves for a Nutella-induced food baby. 

But instead perhaps we should be considering if we even deserve such a special carb-celebration, given how we’ve been behaving so far this year.

Here are 13 tweets that prove Brits simply cannot be trusted with nice things.

1. Because we don’t own a calendar. 

2. Because we don’t understand how Tuesdays work.

3. Because we are so terribly confused. 

4. Because we have no self control. 

5. Because we are spreading fake news. 

6. Because we won’t accept this is not a pub-based event.

7. Because we make terrible jokes. 

8. Because we can’t resist the puns. 

9. Because we always have to lower the tone. 

10. Because we have committed crimes in our pancake pans. 

11. Because we think that this is a legitimate topping. 

12. Because it’s only our third favourite day of the year. 

13. Because, this tweet.