13/09/2016 14:09 BST | Updated 14/09/2016 10:08 BST

Rio 2016: 23 Incredible Photos That Show Paralympians In Action

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The Paralympics have been underway for just a matter of days and already we’ve seen some incredible feats of strength and resilience. 

Abdellatif Baka of Algeria, who is visually impaired, won the men’s 1,500m athletics event clocking in with a faster time than this year’s Olympic gold medallist Matthew Centrowitz, from the United States. 

Meanwhile Team GB’s Ellie Simmonds went on to win her fifth gold medal in what was an impressive performance in the SM6 race.  

All Paralympic athletes have a visual, physical or intellectual disability. They are classified by the type and severity of their disability. Simmonds, for example, swam in the SM6 classification which groups swimmers of a short stature, who have had both arms amputated or who experience moderate co-ordination problems on one side of their body.

To celebrate the brilliance of this year’s Paralympians, we’ve pulled together some awe-inspiring shots of the events so far.

  • Abdellatif Baka, Algeria, Wins Gold In The T13 Men's 1,500m Athletics
  • Sascha Kindred, Great Britain, Wins Gold And Breaks World Record In SM6 200m Individual Medley
    Buda Mendes via Getty Images
  • Marie-Amelie Le Fur, France, Wins Gold In The T44 Women's 400m Final
    Friedemann Vogel via Getty Images
  • Kurt Fearnley, Australia, Wins Bronze In The T54 Men's 5,000m Race
    CHRISTOPHE SIMON via Getty Images
  • Nikita Howarth, New Zealand, Wins Bronze In The S7 Women's 50m Butterfly Final
    Buda Mendes via Getty Images
  • Johannes Floors, Germany, Competes In The T44 Men's 4x100m Relay
    CHRISTOPHE SIMON via Getty Images
  • Xinliang Ai, China, Wins Gold In The Mixed Team Open Archery
    - via Getty Images
  • Rodrigo Parreira Da Silva, Brazil, Competes In The T36 Men's Long Jump
    Friedemann Vogel via Getty Images
  • Tijane Amadou Diallo, Spain, Competes In T52 Men's Wheelchair Basketball
    Matthew Stockman via Getty Images
  • Deirdre Mongan, Ireland, Competes In The F53 Women's Shot Put Final
    Paul Mohan via Getty Images
  • Felipe Gomes With Guide Jonas De Lima Silva, Brazil, Wins Silver In T11 Men's 4x100m Race
    - via Getty Images
  • Toru Suzuki, Japan, Competes In The T44 Men's High Jump
    Friedemann Vogel via Getty Images
  • Yui Kamiji, Japan, Competes In The Women's Wheelchair Tennis Singles Quarterfinal
    Lucas Uebel via Getty Images
  • Ellie Simmonds, Great Britain, Wins Gold In The SM6 Women's 200m Individual Medley
    Adam Davy/PA Wire
  • Roman Pavlyk, Ukraine, Wins Bronze In The T36 Men's Long Jump
    Friedemann Vogel via Getty Images
  • Richard Whitehead, Great Britain, Wins Gold In The T42 Men's 200m Final
    Matthew Stockman via Getty Images
  • Ibrahim Uzum, Turkey, Competes In The Men's 5-A-Side Football
    Atsushi Tomura via Getty Images
  • Lauritta Onye, Nigeria, Wins Gold In The F40 Women's Shot Put Final
    - via Getty Images
  • Eroglu Beytullah, Turkey, Competes In The S5 Men's 50m Butterfly Final
    Junya Nishigawa via Getty Images
  • Kenny Van Weeghel, Netherlands, Wins Gold In The T54 Men's 400m Race
    Helene Wiesenhaan via Getty Images
  • Katie Kelly And Guide Michellie Jones, Australia, Win Gold In The PT5 Women's Triathlon
    YASUYOSHI CHIBA via Getty Images
  • Sophie Pascoe, New Zealand, Wins Gold In The SM10 Women's 200m Individual Medley
    - via Getty Images
  • Martina Caironi, Italy, Wins Silver In The T42 Women's Long Jump Final
    Pacific Press via Getty Images
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