Mum's Hilarious Charts About Parenting Are Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

Pie charts have never been so funny.

Artist Bonnie Kimmerly has put a fun twist on the usual parenting comics by creating hilarious charts and diagrams about what it’s really like to be a mum.

The mother of two liked drawing when she was a kid, but didn’t pick the hobby back up until she welcomed her first child.

Sharing her parenting-focused works on Facebook and Instagram was a creative way to keep up with family and friends, and visualise her thoughts as a new mum.

As she started noticing patterns in her family’s day-to-day life, she began turning some of her feelings into cartoon charts.

“Sometimes a cartoon or comic doesn’t help me get an idea across, and the part of my brain that wants to organise tells me to put it into chart or diagram form,” she told HuffPost.

From describing how she feels about the characters on her kids’ favourite TV shows to summing up her kids’ eating habits, the results are hilariously relatable.

Kimmerly said she loves putting pencil to paper for her art (as can be seen in her older cartoons), but her process has now gone digital. Her work has sparked a fun way to spend time with her kids and even strengthen their reading skills.

“I sometimes find myself doodling with my older kid and have drawn very basic comics with talking characters in the past to try and encourage him to read short sentences,” she said.

Her creativity has also helped her connect with other parents.

“Drawing has been a therapeutic outlet for me,” she said, “and I very much enjoy creating unique content that speaks to others with similar parenting experiences.”

Check out more of Kimmerly’s work below.