01/06/2017 14:58 BST

'Paula' Episode 2: 8 Burning Questions We Have Ahead Of Tonight's Tom Hughes, Denise Gough BBC Drama

It's all got very complicated.

‘Paula’ continues tonight, with Denise Gough’s title character clearly about to come under the uncomfortable spotlight, following the death of her on-off lover, married teacher Philip 

Last week’s debut saw Paula have an ill-considered one-night-stand with handyman James, played by a brooding Tom Hughes. Things took a rocky turn after she dismissed him, but only after he’d discovered evidence of her secret relationship with Philip. And that was only the start of Paula’s problems. 

Paula is under the spotlight following Philip's death

This week, we’re asking... 

1. Did Philip’s wife really not know about the affair between him and Paula? Didn’t look as though they were ever particularly discreet.

2. And how will she respond when their affair gets uncovered, as it’s bound to following its tragic aftermath?

3. James’s complicated set-up… two possessive women, babies, stolen jewellery. This clearly can’t end well, but exactly how badly is it going to go? 

Tom Hughes as James, a troubled man

4. Why did James originally steal the photo of Paula and her brother? We know he has little conscience about stealing things from his clients, but there were other more valuable things in that basement he could have lifted.

5. Cut to… the pair of them in bed together, and where did those scratches on James’s back come from?

6. Outrageous! Why did the school head feel it was appropriate to talk to Paula, and not Philip, about their affair and the bad light it shed on the school? 

7. And then it got really dark... James evidently let his demons get the better of him in his confrontation with Philip, but was this his first crime?

8. Who was the vision of the little girl he saw in his van? He’s a troubled man. 

Catch up with ‘Paula’ on BBCiPlayer. The series continues tonight on BBC Two. 

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