Ouch! Arrestee Busted Smuggling Scissors Into Jail Via ‘Peculiar Location’

The eight-inch shears were removed “without incident".

An arrestee was busted trying to bring 8-inch scissors into an Indiana jail, via their butt.

The unnamed person, booked into La Porte County Jail in the US state of Indiana last week, initially was reluctant to have their body scanned during intake processing, the county sheriff’s office wrote on Facebook.

It turns out they had good reason.

An initial scan showed “what appeared to be a foreign object inside the anal cavity”, the department said.

A second scan then showed the object was metal scissors.

The implement was removed “without incident”, said deputies, giving no details about the extraction process.

The sheriff’s office said the jail’s body scanner previously led to the seizure of tattooing equipment, drugs, paraphernalia and “miscellaneous foreign objects”.


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